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jatropha Attend JatrophaWorld


Attend JatrophaWorld

JatrophaWorld 2008 in Miami Will Dramatically Reshape Jatropha Investments - Compare Seed & Oil Prices, Check on Planting Techniques & Discover the Latest in Processing.

JatrophaWorld 2008 is a showcase for all the latest trends and shifts occurring in the JATROPHA value chain, and is a series of three conferences to be held in three global venues.

JatrophaWorld 2008 is the most authoritative platform for all stakeholders in the Jatropha business.

At JatrophaWorld 2008 you will access latest information, and insider insights which will shape your business and investment future in Jatropha.

Discover Jatropha's Potential-compare projects across continents & discover cost returns at JatrophaWorld 2008 in Miami!

JatrophaWorld 2008 will be held on June 9 to 11 in Miami at the Hilton Miami Downtown Hotel.

JatrophaWorld 2008 will once again bring together expertise, research and investors from all over the world, presenting new perspectives relevant to the American, and Latin American investments, as well as revisit the investment outlook in Asia and Africa.

Jatropha World 2008 in Miami will offer you the best opportunity to:

  • UNDERSTAND the Jatropha Curcas Value chain.
  • RECEIVE updates on latest technological developments.
  • EVALUATE the Jatropha investment outlook – beyond short term price trends.
  • ATTRACT investment partners to projects.
  • MITIGATE upstream risks of feedstock price and availability.
  • PINPOINT the economics of Jatropha biofuel projects.
  • EXPLORE the Jatropha financing and investment outlook.
  • ANALYSE demand dynamics and future implications for Jatropha.

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Jatropha Myths that JatrophaWorld 2008 Guarantees to ADDRESS!

  • There is insufficient information on the Jatropha Curcas value chain.
  • It is impossible to get RELIABLE economic and project analysis by investors.
  • No one is willing to share on Jatropha plantation methodologies and models.
  • Investments in USA, Mexico, Argentina, Philippines, Indonesia, Madagascar, Costa Rica, Brazil are NOT Happening.
  • It is impossible to attract investments for Jatropha Projects.
  • Jatropha is a low yielding oil-seed crop.
  • It is expensive and difficult to harvest Jatropha.
  • Jatropha processing is primitive and inefficient.
  • It is impossible to produce Jatropha Biodiesel.
  • There are no Jatropha planting activities in the USA.
  • There are no opportunities to meet the right global Jatropha industry players.
MYTH #1: There is insufficient information on the Jatropha Curcas value chain
FACT: JatrophaWorld 2008 gives you complete overview of the Jatropha Value chain from plantation to Biodiesel with Separately Bookable A to Z of Jatropha Curcas L Workshop conducted by Dr. Raymond Jongschaap on 9 June. 

One of JatrophaWorld 2008's main objectives is to break new ground in giving you a solid understanding of the Jatropha Curcas value chain, and with JatrophaWorld 2008 Miami, we're making it even better.

Course leader Dr. ir. Raymond Jongschaap is team leader of the Global Jatropha Evaluation Program at the Wageningen University and Research Centre

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At A-Z of Jatropha Curcas L, you will gain a thorough introduction to the complete Jatropha value chain, so that you too can contribute and participate actively in JatrophaWorld 2008, and the Jatropha industry.

What will you learn at the A-Z of Jatropha Curcas L Workshop?

The Role of Jatropha in Biofuel Supply
- How is Jatropha utilized in biofuel production
- Characteristics of the Jatropha Curcas L plant
- Sustainable Large and Small scale production

Analyzing the claims and facts in Jatropha
- Planting Jatropha in marginal soil and waste land reclamation
- Drought resistance and low water requirement
- Low nutrient requirement
- High oil yield
- Low labor input
- Competing claims between food and biofuel production
- Tolerance to pests and diseases

Jatropha Agronomy
- Soil conditions needed to plant Jatropha
- Pest and Disease management
- Intercropping and Nutrient Management
- Pruning and flower induction
- Irrigation

Genetics, Breeding and Propagation Techniques in Jatropha
- Accession and Jatropha varieties
- Jatropha breeding schemes
- Crop traits of Jatropha
- Propagation techniques of Jatropha

Processing Jatropha
- Oil extraction and quality
- Solvent extraction technologies
- Seed Press technologies
- Uses of Jatropha by-products

Knowledge is power, and knowledge gets you the profits. Watch your Jatropha investments flourish with the knowledge you will gain from the expert panelists that we have lined up at JatrophaWorld 2008.

» Click here to register for JatrophaWorld 2008 and enjoy a US$200 discount on registration for the A-Z of Jatropha Curcas L workshop

MYTH #2: It is impossible to get RELIABLE economic and project analysis.

FACT: JatrophaWorld 2008 Guarantees actual project analysis from real Jatropha investors for Jatropha Plantations & Jatropha Processing Projects.

» Register for JatrophaWorld 2008 in Miami and benefit from the firsthand expert insights

How do you know if Jatropha is a safe bet? I'm sure you've seen many people claiming incredible returns on Jatropha just to get you to invest in their project.

At JatrophaWorld 2008, we pride ourselves in separating fact from fiction, and providing an objective and authoritative view from established players in the industry.

Imperium Renewables is one such organization. The Seattle based company is the US' largest Biodiesel producer and was in the news recently for their supplying the Biofuels for Richard Branson's now famous Biofuels test.

Sharing insight on the considerations in setting up a commercial scale Jatropha Plantation, Imperium Renewables will be share their findings on the following critical issues central to your Jatropha investment:

  • Jatropha in Agricultural Land use planning.
  • Selecting the right site for your Jatropha investment.
  • Evaluating the agro-climatic feasibility of planting Jatropha in your chosen site.
  • The practical application of Propagation and Cultivation methods.
  • Proper Plantation Management.

MYTH #3: No one is willing to share on Jatropha Plantation methodologies and models

FACT: JatrophaWorld2008 Features Established plantations Agronomists' and Experts Analysis on Jatropha Curcas' potential to grow in Mexico's hot Climate & America's cold Climate. Register for JatrophaWorld 2008 in Miami to tap on the expertise for the industry's best plantation management practices.

JatrophaWorld 2008 has been highly rated for the informative presentations by established Jatropha plantations, and at JatrophaWorld 2008 Miami, we plan to bring you the best in the business to tell you the secrets behind their Jatropha plantations.

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Biodiesel Industries' Russell Teall is one such successful Jatropha plantation owner. Responsible for the US' first successful Jatropha plantation in California, Biodiesel Industries will be sharing on the Ideal Conditions for growing Jatropha in the USA. Some of the critical issues he will cover include:

  • The latest research by his company into Cold tolerance for the Jatropha plant
  • Ongoing Jatropha cultivation tests in Mexico

ScanFuel AS, a Norwegian company has initiated development of a large scale Jatropha plantation in West-Africa Talking about the importance of a seed garden for your Jatropha plantation, ScanFuel AS will share first hand insight into profiting and sustaining your Jatropha plantation through the cultivationand maintenance of a seed garden.

JatrophaWorld 2008 is the best opportunity to hear from and meet these established players in the field, to give you the right perspectives on your investments. So don't hesitate, Click here to register NOW.

MYTH #4: Investments in USA, Mexico, Argentina, Philippines, Indonesia, Madagascar, Costa Rica, Brazil are NOT Happening

FACT: Jatropha investments are booming worldwide and at JatrophaWorld 2008, you will Zoom into real ongoing Jatropha investments & Jatropha tests in Mexico, Argentina, Philippines, Laos, Madagascar, Costa Rica, Brazil, Florida & California.

The success behind any Jatropha venture comes from understanding the ground realities of actual ongoing Jatropha projects around the world.

At JatrophaWorld 2008, our panel of experts will share the secrets behind their successful plantation management models, and provide insights on NEW revenue and business models being developed in various Jatropha suitable locations around the world including Mexico, Argentina, the Philippines, Madagascar, Costa Rica and Brazil.

Some of the Plantation Management issues that will be addressed include:

  • Investment regulations.
  • Government Support Programs.
  • Suitable Economic Models and Farming techniques for Jatropha.
  • Organization model- Direct ownership and Contract farming and its mechanisms.
  • Increasing your Seed and oil yields.
  • Integration of small holder farms for a successful commercial venture.
  • Jatropha's role in community development.

JatrophaWorld 2008 is your best opportunity to capitalize on the experience of current project developers to ensure the SUCCESS of YOUR PROJECT! Don't wait anymore, Click Here to register today!

MYTH #5: It is impossible to attract investments for Jatropha Projects

FACT: Learn the industry's Secrets behind attracting investments for your Jatropha Projects from Project Financiers, Hedge Funds, Private Equity & Fund Managers. At JatrophaWorld 2008, Authoritative Panel on Jatropha Project finance reveals positive Financing Outlook for future Jatropha projects.

Investors are excited about Jatropha, and a good project equals good returns. As more and more exciting new Jatropha projects are coming up everywhere, there is a critical need to find out more about the proper funding channels available. JatrophaWorld 2008 is the best place for YOU to do so.

If you are a project developer, attracting the right investor is critical for a number of reasons:  tax benefits, knowing how you can leverage the available funding, and ultimately, the returns you get for your hard work.

At JatrophaWorld 2008, we've put together a Panel of investors, who will be speaking on how to attract their interest to your project!

The panel, comprising of project financiers and private equity and fund managers, will share perspectives on the Jatropha investment marketplace. Some of the issues they will touch on include:

  • Current investment trends and perspectives on Jatropha.
  • Selecting the right project - selection criteria.
  • Characteristics associated with a successful application.
  • Current Risk appetites and Jatropha.

Don't hesitate anymore, and click here to Register for JatrophaWorld 2008 now, for the fruition of YOUR Jatropha dreams!

MYTH #6: Jatropha is a low yielding oil-seed crop

FACT: Breakthroughs by D1 Oils Plant Science in Yield Improvement, best agronomy practices and crop management Uncovered at JatrophaWorld 2008.

As the drive to make Jatropha commercially viable is picking up steam, the crop is undergoing a golden age of research and development. One of the major thrust in Jatropha research is to deploy genetic engineering tools to improve oil quality, yield and disease resistance.

At JatrophaWorld 2008, you will have an opportunity to receive updates on the latest genomics and biotechnology findings in Jatropha.

  • Strategies and Development in Genetic Engineering.
  • Using Agronomy and Genetics to Increase yield and productivity.
  • Global diversity study of Jatropha Curcas.

At JatrophaWorld 2008, you will have an opportunity to hear from D1 Oils Plant Science, University of Florida - IFAS Lee County Extension, and The Plant Breeding Department at Wageningen University.

» Don't miss out on this opportunity to hear about the exciting science behind Jatropha from these major research institutes. Click here to Register for JatrophaWorld 2008 NOW!

MYTH #7: It is expensive and difficult to harvest Jatropha

FACT: Panel of Harvesting Experts Claim Potential for mechanical Harvesting in Jatropha; share research findings & test results at JatrophaWorld 2008 in Miami.

Another critical issue in Jatropha cultivation is harvesting the fruit. As scientists are working hard to genetically modify the plant to make it easier to harvest, technology companies are coming up withinteresting solutions for mechanized harvesting.

We have also put together an interactive panel to discuss plantation management and harvesting, where you can contribute your questions, insights and findings about mechanical harvesting technologies and feasibility for Jatropha plantations.

Leading the panel will be Paul Dalton, CEO of DreamFuels Ltd, which is currently in the process of developing a prototype of a mechanical harvesting machine for Jatropha plantations.

Also on the panel is Stanley Wootliff, Executive Chairman of Viridas PLC, who is also in the process ofdeveloping a prototype mechanical harvesting machine for Jatropha plantations based on the "shaker" picking equipment used in the Olive industry. Viridas has also successfully tested a mechanical planting device, where 1000 seeds were successfully planted in their plantation in Brazil.

» To get the right perspectives on mechanical harvesting, you must register for JatrophaWorld 2008! Click here to register NOW, and gain insight on Jatropha harvesting methodologies.

MYTH #8: Jatropha processing is primitive and inefficient

FACT: Latest developments in OPTIMIZED Jatropha Processing that will cut down on processing time and costs & up-coming applications of Jatropha Oil & By-Products shared at JatrophaWorld 2008 in Miami

JatrophaWorld 2008 will give you insights on the latest innovations in Jatropha oil extraction and purification, as well as fuel quality specifications for Biodiesel from Jatropha, as well as the technology and economics of using Jatropha pure plant oil on vehicle, machinery and generator

At JatrophaWorld 2008 our expert panel will analyze:

  • The quality and characteristics of Pure Jatropha oil.
  • Lowering the viscosity of pure jatropha oil and removing the Free Fatty Acids (FFA). ~ *N*E*W Innovation*
  • The technologies and economics of using Pure Jatropha Plant Oil and Jatropha Biodiesel in conventional diesel engines.

At JatrophaWorld 2008, you will also get an opportunity to analyze the economics, technology and feasibility of Jatropha's potential application in small scale power generation, and machinery, as well as other processing the Jatropha seed cake.

» Click here to register for JatrophaWorld 2008, your key to optimizing your Jatropha processing!

MYTH # 9: It is impossible to produce Jatropha Biodiesel

FACT: At JatrophaWorld 2008, tap on expertise for Jatropha Biodiesel Production for fuel blending specifications, gelling point, latest in diesel engine test findings & costs of producing Jatropha Biodiesel

At JatrophaWorld 2008, we will examine Biodiesel production from Jatropha oil. Yes, it is feasible! Among the issues discussed will be fuel quality specifications for Biodiesel from Jatropha, as well as thetechnology and economics of using Jatropha pure plant oil on vehicle, machinery and generator.

You will be able to gain insight on expert insight into these key issues:

  • Viability of Jatropha Biodiesel as transportation fuel.
  • Combined heat and power production from Jatropha plant.
  • Key factors in producing quality Biodiesel from Jatropha.
  • Fuel quality specifications.

MYTH #10: There are NO Jatropha planting activities in the USA

FACT: See Jatropha up-close & personal during your visit to a Commercial Scale Jatropha seedling-nursery in Florida at JatrophaWorld 2008 in Miami.

» Registration for JatrophaWorld 2008 will mean that you will have a chance to see the Jatropha Curcas plant up-close and personal

At JatrophaWorld 2008, we believe in experiential learning, and that's why we're giving YOU the option to visit a Jatropha Nursery and garden.

The visit will begin with a stop at ECHO's global farm, which has a grove of 3-4 year old fully mature and fruiting Jatropha trees.  Conducted as part of an experiment studying 'underutilized crops', ECHO's farm has been attracting significant interest for having the single fully mature Jatropha crop in Florida.

After viewing the ECHO farm, participants will then be taken to La Belle to visit Dream Fuels Ltd.'s Jatropha Nursery, where Jatropha cultivation on a commercial scale is underway. Researchers will be on hand to explain the Jatropha growing process with a live demonstration of planting methodologies in this not to be missed event

Participate in the lively discussion on plantation management techniques during the question and answer session. You can pose your questions to the researchers at the plantation and get first hand accounts of dealing with plantation management issues.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to see Jatropha planting with your own eyes! Click here to Register for JatrophaWorld 2008 now!

MYTH #11: There are NO opportunities to meet the right global Jatropha industry players
FACT: JatrophaWorld 2008 is the LARGEST International forum & meeting place for Jatropha Entrepreneurs, Financiers, Scientists & Clean Energy Executives. Delegates at JatrophaWorld 2008 in Jakarta met over 350 executives from 40 countries!

We saved the best bit for the last.

We are not making an empty claim when we say that JatrophaWorld 2008 is the best place to network with global Jatropha investors and industry players.

The first conference in our series, JatrophaWorld 2008 in Jakarta, attracted over 350 delegates from 40 countries, causing many delegates to remark that this was the single largest Jatropha gathering in the world.

Our networking is organized to be conducive for business interaction, with over eight hours of net time allocated to Networking. Networking has created many a bond between delegates sharing the same interests and vision about Jatropha. 

JatrophaWorld 2008 is all set to attract huge numbers of investors looking for the right opportunities, and project developers looking for investors. The many hours of business networking creates the positive environment for the striking of deals!

Mr. Marc Stammbach, Director of MBD Biodiesel based in Australia, and delegate at JatrophaWorld 2008, provided a glowing report of our networking when he said that "important business connections were developed in networking events."

» JatrophaWorld 2008 is your opportunity, your chance to MEET the RIGHT people. Click here to register now and CONNECT with the Jatropha fraternity from all over the world.

Seize this opportunity to network with everyone who is anyone in the Jatropha business! To remain at the peak of your Industry you need to be conversant with the latest developments as they take place. To be conversant with these developments you need to be at JATROPHAWORLD 2008.

JatrophaWorld 2008 is the premier event for the leaders and experts of the industry in the Jatropha industry.

Your Investment to Attend JatrophaWorld 2008 in Miami
Conference Fee: USD$1495 per person and USD$1295 per person for groups of three (This includes all sessions, luncheons, coffee/tea and all documentation).

Site Visit Fee: USD$100 per person (limited availability).

Workshop Fee: USD$595 per person without Conference / USD$395 with Conference.

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