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July 26, 2010
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Top Story

BP's Tony HaywardBP's Tony Hayward Gets His Life Back

BP chief may step down today; Chavez threatens US oil embargo; US Climate bill fails

BP CEO Tony Hayward, usually described in news reports these days as the gaffe-prone Tony Hayward," who famously declared in the midst of the BP oil leak crisis that "I'd like my life back," appears poised to realize his wish, as news circulated this morning that he would step down as BP's chief as soon as today.

In other news this morning, President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, said that if invaded by Colombian he would cut off supply of crude oil to the United States. Venezuela is the 5th-leading foreign supplier of crude oil to US refiners.

In addition, the US Senate leadership has abandoned plans to bring forward an energy and climate bill before the August congressional recess.

Is it all bad news? Actually, it may all be good news - the Digest's take, and a full report on the climate bill, at biofuelsdigest.com.

Arcadis - Permits, Planning and Resource Studies
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Biofuels DIgest Anniversary Week - Top 10 Stories of the Year

Tomorrow, Biofuels Digest celebrates its 3rd anniversary, and we'll celebrate the event with our annual look-back at the year's most widely-read, most overlooked, and most bizarre stories.

Today, the 10 Top Stories of the Year (as measured in page-views):

1. The 50 Hottest Companies in Bioenergy, the Transformative Technology 30, and the Biofuels Digest Awards. This past year, nothing drew your attention more than awards and recognition, with algae-based companies like Solazyme and Sapphire Energy rocketing to the top of this years poll. More on the Hot 50, the Transformative Technology 30, and the Biofuels Digest Awards, at biofuelsdigest.com.

2. Four Principles for Bioenergy. Among all (non-award) articles that ran in the Digest this year, none picked up as much readership as a summary from this year's Dodgen Lecture at Mississippi State University,  "Four Principles for the shift from a fossil-fuel based society." A summary of the text, at biofuelsdigest.com.

3. DOE's $564M grant for 19 integrated bioenergy projects. December is usually a slow month for readership, but the DOE's announcement of $564 million in Recovery Act grants to 19 integrated bioenergy projects attracted a huge readership. More on the awards at biofuelsdigest.com

4. US Administration reorganizes biofuels development. In other US Administration news, nothing drew views this year than a sweeping reorganization of bioenergy development which confirmed that DOE would take the lead on R&D, USDA on commercialization, and EPA on standards. More on the re-org, plus the USDA's roadmap, and Secretary Chu's thoughts on "electrons vs fuel molecules", at biofuelsdigest.com

5. Algal fuels. Among stories about specific feedstocks and fuels, nothing attracted the Digest readers' attention this past year like a good algae story. Biggest among them was "Biggie Smalls: Microcrops go mainstream and head for the Big Time" which appeared last August, but "Algae's Baby Bloomers" from February and "Here I am to Save the Day: Microalgae gains momentum with a mighty March" proved hugely popular.

6. Fuel from thin Air - or solar liquid fuels, as they have come to be known, proved immensely popular this past year. Most popular? Profiles on Joule Unlimited and a report on a collaboration between JBEI and LS9 to re-engineer e.coli to produce renewable diesel directly from cellulosic biomass. More at biofuelsdigest.com.

7. E15 ethanol blending. One of the most widely-circulated policy stories focused on reaction to the announcement by the EPA last December to delay its decision on E15 until summer 2010. More at biofuelsdigest.com.

8. Pyrolysis. One of the surprisingly popular storylines this year has been the rise of pyrolysis as a commercial biofuels technology. An August profile of Anellotech drew the largest readership of all of the pyrolysis and biocrude stories this year, but stories like Pyromaniax drew big numbers. More at biofuelsdigest.com.

9. Distributed biofuels. Though distributed, small-scale biofuels have their fierce proponents, no article on mobile generators had ever come close to the top 10 articles until a February profile of GreenNow. More at biofuelsdigest.com.

10. Aviation biofuels were closely followed by the readership all year. Just making its way into the Top 10 was this special report on aviation biofuels, "Jet Stream", which profiles companies, technologies, deployment and timelines to commercialization. More at biofuelsdigest.com.
BioFuels Conference 2010

Mississippi State University 2010 Biofuels Conference - next generation feedstocks, novel technologies, commercialization, policy - August 12-13, Jackson, MS
Consumer, Fleet and Event News

BD logoBiofuels Digest's Advanced Biofuels Markets conference & expo will be held November 9-10, 2010 in San Francisco.

Our goal in San Francisco: to address the near-term, immediate steps towards commercialization of bioenergy, including a special series of presentations and dialogue on renewable chemicals, plastics, organic acids and other bio-based materials.

Advanced Biofuels MarketsWe'll also have strategic investors, Administration officials and venture capitalists on hand, as well as CEOs to partner with in feedstocks, processing technology and downstream marketing.

For companies recently recognized among the "30 Transformative Technologies," we will have an awards event on the first evening.

The conference agenda and full event information is here.
More information on Sponsorship & exhibition opportunities can be found here.
Strategic Fit
Revised - Advanced Biofuels Tracking Database - release 1.5

Advanced Biofuels Tracking Database - download your free copy, tracking 80+ pilot, demo and commercial projects. Includes capacity, fuel, location, technology, and project notes.

Also, exclusive to Digest subscribers - 100+ FREE data and report downloads at the Digest's Bioenergy Information Zone

Financial News

The Biofuels Digest Index™ (BDI), a basket of public biofuels stocks, gained 0.89 percent to 63.65 as ethanol and feedstock gains outstripped cellulosic ethanol losses.  For the day, Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) was up 0.66 percent to $27.63, while BP rose 1.74 percent to $36.86 as rumors circulated that CEO Tony Hayward's days are numbered. Among smaller caps, Verenium (VRNM) dropped 5.00 percent to $2.47. Overall, advances led declines 2 to 1 for the day.
Hot Topics from Past Issues

The 50 Hottest Companies in Bioenergy: 2009-10: the complete list

Obama reorganizes
US biofuels policy, leadership, rules.
$564 million for 19 integrated biorefinery projects
:pilot, demonstration, and commercial scale facilities
The National Energy Solution: an inquiry into values:
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The Top 10 Stories of the Year
The 10 Most Overlooked
Stories of the Year
Free PDF of "Citizen Cane: Essays for New Days in Bioenergy" - featuring the best Digest columns since 2007 (plus originals) - available free only to Digest subscribers.
These stories and more are available at BiofuelsDigest.com. Your comments and story requests are warmly welcome: email me at jlane@biofuelsdigest.com.

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