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October 6, 2010
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Jim Lane
"You have a friend in bioenergy": Sustainability, advanced biofuels, rural incomes and the developing world

Bioenergy PROFITS Principles (Dr. Rosalie Lober)
Will Thurmond

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Top Story

What's Next in Washington?
Change in control? What do Republicans think? How will Congress shape policy in a deficit-reducing, pay-as-you-go environment?

There has been increasing speculation about a change in control in the US Congress from the Democratic Party to the Republicans. Speculation has especially focused on the possibility that a change in control would occur in the House of Representatives.

Yet, the latest biofuels legislation, HR 4168, passed by the House last month, was pushed through by Reps. Harry Teague (D-NM), Mary Bono Mack (R-CA), Dave Reichert (R-WA) and Brian Bilbray (R-CA) for leading efforts to pass the bill, while Jay Inslee (D-WA) was a co-sponsor of the original legislation last December, and co-chairs the House Algae Energy Caucus with Bilbray.

The Digest spent time this week with Congressman Brian Bilbray of California, recently tapped as one of the Digest's  "10 who walk the walk" in DC on biofuels-related issues. Bilbray, a San Diego Republican, has been out in front for some time on algal biofuels.

What do voters think about advanced biofuels? What kind of policies and legislation might we see in the next Congress? Should we move from volume-based mandates to BTU-based? What about loan guarantees? What role might the milutary play? All this and more at biofuelsdigest.com.


Top Story

Bioenergy Project of the Future - The complete series

In our ten-part series, we looked at making advancing technology financeable, and an incermental approach to developing integrated bioenergy that drives sustainable fuels, and sustanable communities. Fuels of the community, by the community, for the community.

Part X of our series is here - Getting it Done, Making it Happen
Part IX of our series is here - adding other renewables.
Part VIII is here - adding lowest-cost feedstocks
Part VII is here - adding clean diesel
Part VI is here - adding bioammonia
Part V is here - adding algal fuels
Part IV is here - adding advanced biofuels
Part III is here - adding renewable chemicals
Part II is here - adding cellulosic biomass.
Part I of our series is here - acquire or build a first-generation ethanol capacity.




"Biomass energy doesn't hurt anyone. Not yet." Download the ARCADIS Health & Safety PDF here. To learn more about our Health and Safety experts contact: Ashly.Insco@arcadis-us.com

Producer News

In Minnesota, Buffalo Lake Energy has been fined $285,000 for air and water pollution violations at its ethanol production facility in Fairmont by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. The agreement covers violations that occurred since the facility began production in June 2008.  On numerous occasions the company's operations violated the conditions of both its air quality and water quality permits.

In California, Ceres has published two new crop management guides that include the most current recommendations on the establishment, management and harvest of switchgrass and high-biomass sorghum.

In California, SG Biofuels announced it has established a proprietary technology for large-scale Jatropha hybrid seed production. Hybrid seeds result in greater yield, uniformity and vigor while significantly reducing handling and deployment costs for plantation developers.

International News

In India, about 30% of the ethanol offered in last month's tender to supply the country's upcoming 5% blend has been rejected because the feedstock can't be proven as domestic. The tender rules require that feedstocks be produced within the country, but standalone ethanol mills have been buying rectified spirit from sugarcane mills without their distilleries and using that as the feedstock.

In the Philippines, where a sugar shortage is looming, concerns are rising over the availability of cane and its competition with ethanol. The government has introduced ethanol blending policies and is pushing for ethanol production, but sugarcane area has fallen by 10,000 hectares rather than increased by 200,000 hectares because a cane development program wasn't put in place.

In Panama, the government is investing $2 million in a 10,000-liter per day biodiesel plant in Colon province that is set to go online during the first trimester of 2011. The facility, developed a Brazilian biofuels research consortium, will use locally-produced palm oil and used cooking oil as feedstocks.

Top Tweets - the Voices of Biofuels

Sean_OHanlon: We invite you to join us for #Biochat. Wednesday, 7-8pm ET.

EarthTechling: A useful new tool for biofuel research: NREL Unveils Online Biomass Mapping Tool

GetBiofProMJobs: Live! --> The Biofuels Production Manager Job Finder

Future Shock: A New Paradigm In Advanced Biofuels Technologies 

DonEWG: ESPN Outdoors columnist on opposition to #E15 from boaters: http://es.pn/bzXzhZ

Curious about Twitter? The Digest's Newbie Guide from Scott Miller (BIOblogger) explains all.

Advanced Biofuels Markets Conference

Biofuels Digest's Advanced Biofuels Markets conference & expo will be held November 9-10, 2010 in San Francisco.

The premier biofuels C-level networking event on the West Coast.

Hybrid jatropha seed debuts: SG Biofuels CEO Kirk Haney

Confirmed speakers include:

Bill Haywood, CEO, LS9
Jim Imbler, CEO, ZeaChem
Wes Bolsen, CMO, Coskata
Atul Thrakar, CEO, Segetis
Eric McAfee, CEO, AE Biofuels
John McCarthy, CEO, Qteros
Vincent Chornet, CEO, Enerkem
Jack Oswald, CEO, SynGest
Hunt Ramsbottom, CEO Rentech
Richard Hamilton, CEO, Ceres
Wayne Simmons, CEO, Sundrop Fuels
Bill Sims, CEO, Joule Unlimited
Kirk Haney, CEO, SG Biofuels
John Scott, CEO, PetroAlgae
Rick Wilson, CEO, Cobalt Technologies
Tim Potter, CEO, Butamax
John Hamer, Managing Director, Burrill and Company
Tom Baruch, Founder, CMEA Capital
Bill Hagy, Director of Alternative Energy Policy, USDA
Tim Cesarek, MD, Organic Growth Group, Waste Management
Dan Adler, President, California Clean Energy Fund
Harrison Dillon, CTO, Solazyme
Mike McAdams, President, Advanced Biofuels Association

Register:The conference agenda and registration information is here.
Sponsor: Sponsorship & exhibition information is here.

Research News

In Washington, C. Boyden Gray, one of the architects of the historic 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments that established the nation's reformulated gasoline program, called for increased regulation of air toxics by the Environmental Protection Agency and in so doing, increasing the market for ethanol.


Policy and Policymakers

In Washington, some looming deadlines to keep in mind for US Department of Energy loan guarantee solicitations: 11/30/2010 - last day to submit final Part I applications and the first Part II applications for Manufacture Commercial Technology Renewable Energy Systems and Components Solicitation (2010).  More deadlines and details at biofuelsdigest.com.


Financial News

The Biofuels Digest Index™ (BDI), a basket of public biofuels stocks, jumped 1.87 percent to a new twenty-five month high of 72.82 as equities advanced broadly on strong macroeconomic data.  For the day, Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) jumped 2.44 percent to $31.61, while BioFuel Energy (BIOF) jumped 23.08 percent to $2.40.  Among other equities, Gushan (GU) gained 6.45 percent to $0.66. Overall, declines led advances 8 to 1 for the day.

Camelina Aviation Biofuels Study

1 billion gallons of Camelina biofuel are projected to be produced for the aviation and biodiesel sectors by 2025, creating 25,000 new jobs; producing over $5.5 billion in new revenues and $3.5 billion in new agricultural income for U.S. and Canadian farmers.  The projections are contained in "Camelina Aviation Biofuels Market Opportunity and Renewable Energy Strategy Report," released today by Biomass Advisors, the research division of Biofuels Digest.

"Camelina Aviation Biofuels Market Opportunity and Renewable Energy Strategy Report," is 116 pages, and includes more than 60 figures, tables and charts, along with regional crop forecast maps for visualizing business opportunities and planning infrastructure needs.  The report is available for a purchase price of $695.  More information here.

Hot Topics from Past Issues

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These stories and more are available at BiofuelsDigest.com. Your comments and story requests are warmly welcome: email me at jlane@biofuelsdigest.com.

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Disclosure: I do not own any renewable energy securities; no payments or compensation of any kind is received in return for placing articles or favorable opinion
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