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 Green Power Academy Training Courses

Next Generation Biofuels

1 August 2011, London, United Kingdom

Dear Mr Pessa,

The Next Generation Biofuels training course takes place in London on 1 August 2011.

This interactive 1-day introduction to Biofuels  describes the variety of feedstocks, routes and processes through which biomass can be converted to valuable fuels, energy and other products - on large scales and without the food competition issues of current biofuels. It is particularly aimed at business people who need to understand the basics of the science and technology but explained in a clear, hype-free manner and within its economic and commercial context.

Topics covered include:


Next Generation Biomass Feedstocks
    - Biomass as an energy store
    - Calculating the energy potential of biomass
    - Land use and cultivation
    - Sources of lignocellulosic feedstock
    - Algae
    - Biomass pre-processing

Conversion Processes and Energy Pathways
    - The scientific basics of energy conversion processes
    - Pathways to liquid biofuels
    - Pathways for gaseous fuels
    - Pathways to other synthetic fuels
    - The specific challenges in scaling up Algae
    - Biochemical and biopharma products

    - Navigating the maze of terminology
    - Conversion technologies
    - Biorefineries and multi-product concepts

Biofuels Markets and Economics
    - Types of biofuel, their supply chains and end-uses
    - Sources and security of feedstock supplies
    - Supply chain cost contributions
    - Regulations, government support schemes
    - Biofuel economics
    - The competitive position of current and future biofuels relative to fossil fuels
    - Carbon markets and biofuels
    - Biofuels in the wider global energy landscape


To find out more about the Next Generation Biofuels course please download the brochure now.
To reserve your place please contact Daniel Von Burg on +44 (0)203 355 4212 or email daniel.vonburg@greenpowerconferences.com.


now and avoid disappointment - places are strictly limited

Here's what just some of our past customers thought:

"Great instructor knowledge and delivery - well organized course", Hewlett Packard
"Good level and many conversations evolved", Beetle Capital Partners
"Innovative way of teaching with time for questions and discussion - good quality teaching", Responsibility Solid Investments

Also taking place that week in London:


Introduction to Solar PV
A 1-day introduction to photovoltaic technologies Including their economics and business case
2 August 2011, London, United Kingdom

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Geothermal Power Economics 101
Geothermal Resources, Technologies & Economics: A 1-day introduction for non-engineers
3 August 2011, London, United Kingdom

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Utility-Scale Energy Storage
A 1-Day introduction to the economic rationale for large-scale energy storage and the technology solutions which exist
4 August 2011, London, United Kingdom

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Also taking place in July in London:


Offshore Wind Power: Economics & Risk
A 1-Day introduction to issues of cost, competition, opportunity and risk in the offshore wind business
5 July 2011, London, United Kingdom

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Introduction to Bioenergy
A 2-day comprehensive overview of how Biomass sources can be used for Fuels, Energy and Power
11-12 July 2011, London, United Kingdom

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Renewable Power Technologies
A 1-day introduction to the key technologies available to generate clean power
13 July 2011, London, United Kingdom

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Renewable Power Economics
A 1-day introduction to the factors which determine the business case for renewable power
14 July 2011, London, United Kingdom

Download agenda

Attendees that would like to attend at least two training courses are entitled to a 20% discount.
This is an exclusive offer - please contact Daniel Von Burg on +44 (0)203 355 4212 to confirm your place.

Can't make the dates? Have you thought about in-house training?
Cost effectiveness - it can cost less per employee than a public course
Interaction - having only 'your' people at the course will create focus and discussion on topics important to the success of your company
Quality - a fundamental often overlooked, our team of directors and trainers have over 100 years experience in B2B conferences and courses between them
Methods - our trainers provide you with very personal, interactive training sessions set in a relaxed atmosphere to ensure you gain and retain your newly learnt skills
Confidentiality - ensure private discussion on issues which you may not wish to made public
Call me on +44 (0)203 355 4212 for more details on in-house training.


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